Monday, December 19, 2005

Cruise Queen Mary II will visit Costa Rica

Largest cruise of the World will arrive to Moín on January 11, 2006

( - The largest passengers’ cruise ship of the world will Visit Costa Rica for the first time on January 11th of 2006, date foreseen for its arrival to Puerto Moín, in the province of Limón.

It refers to the Queen Mary II ship, confirmed Marisol González, Sales Manager of Cruceros Selectos (CRUSEL), commercial representatives of Cunard, the British Transatlantic Company owning the ship.

This oceanic "royalty" of 151.400 tons can transport 2.600 tourists and a crew of 1.253 members.

Having 345 meters of length, 40 of width and 71 of height, it’s been in operation since 2004; $800 million were invested in its construction.

Its longitude exceeds by 44 meters the Tour Eiffel’s height -measuring 300 meters- and this is only inferior by 35 meters the height of the Empire State Building in New York, which measures 380 meters.

Its main whistle is audible at a distance of 16 kilometers.

The ship is like a floating city: there are 10 restaurants, five swimming pools, gym and spa, basketball and tennis courts, amphitheatre for 500 persons, reading rooms and wine tasting, some shops, among other facilities.

The ship will arrive to Costa Rica as part of its passage by various countries and will return to the country on February 17th, this time to Puerto Caldera, in the province of Puntarenas, after going to South America.

On March 13th, according to its itinerary, it will visit the new Caldera, in Puntarenas, which would amount to three trips to the country during 2006.